I have a big happy family connected by blood and love. I had sworn off women for the last couple of years because of what one female had done but then she walks in. She’s a natural brunette that has hair down her back and a body that dreams are made of. I fell hard, then one unpredictable disaster struck. How do I make it right again?

After a very troubled past, I am content with my life. Through love of family and counseling I pulled myself out of the darkness. I finally meet the man of my dreams and then the unthinkable happens. Ghosts from my past have come back to haunt me. Is it real or just coming from my subconscious? Can I trust myself enough to let Jax into my life, or are we both to damaged? Do I trust my ‘dream man’ to save us both?

Abandoned at an orphanage as an infant, not allowed to be adopted out, I’ve always craved family, to belong. My life was about fighting and scratching for everything I wanted or needed. Seeing him, knowing he was what I wanted, I pursued him but why do I keep pushing him away when I know he is it for me. Trust is a big issue for me, If I can’t trust him, I’m going to lose him. With a life of hardships, it makes trust nearly impossible.

I watched her through windows and stalked her. She didn’t even know it. Then I introduced myself in the most unconventional way. Samantha is it for me. Now to make her see it. Then everything went to shit, it exploded all around us. Although I didn’t lie to her, omitting the truth was just as bad. What can I do to show her it’s not always like this. I need to make her see that I would love her unconditionally if she would just stop running.

My club and family – by blood and by love – have been my life.  My biological family taught me loyalty and love.  They instilled me with the morals and showed me the important values in life.  Protecting women and children is my job as a man.  My club affirmed that love, and loyalty is what a good relationship is founded on.  Riding hard and having brothers’ backs comes for loyalty and love.

My Life has never been easy, but I know I would never walk away from my club or my family.  We have storms brewing and another motorcycle club.  We are waiting for the other boot to drop, and then I meet Emma.  Emma’s everything I never knew I needed, but also everything I can’t see myself letting go.  Emma is beautiful, sassy, and self-reliant – things I never found attractive in a woman.  She has a problem with motorcycle clubs.  I have to remind her – Love The Man, Love The Club.

Dog has a lot to atone for. After repeatedly withholding information from Samantha, she has finally given up on him. He realizes what he needs to do, but giving anyone that kind of power over him frightens him. All he knows is he needs to show her she will always be first in his life; he just doesn’t know how. Then he finds out information about her father that puts him in a precarious position. Will she come first?

Samantha is afraid of being left alone. She’s tired of putting herself out there only to be slapped back down again. Can she overcome these feelings enough to forgive Dog; or will she live a life of loneliness? He’s what she has always wanted and needed, but without trust, it won’t work. Life suddenly takes a very unexpected turn. What does that mean for her?

What do you actually know about anyone’s past?
If you haven’t known them your whole life just what they fill in for you.
Sometimes even the people closest to you don’t know your full past.
Lives can be deceiving. Lives can be tortured.
Sometimes your past predicts your future especially when it comes back to haunt you.
Sometimes your future can help heal your past.
When one person is battling their past, it can be hard, but what if two people are battling at the same time.
Broken souls on a collision course.
Conquering Our Past is the only way to find our happiness.

The guilt I’ve felt over the loss of my wife and child left me shattered inside. I’ve been closed off for years, not letting anyone in. Finding her on the side of the highway broke down; she rocked my world. She’s self-assured and not taking shit from anyone. Who is she and where did she come from?

I can’t believe my eyes when he pulls over to help me—riding a Harley with a leather cut on. I thought I left that behind me when I left the only home I had known I was raised by my dad who was a member of an MC until he died in a freak motorcycle accident. I swore I wouldn’t fall for a man in leather, but there is just something about him that calls to me.


I had my life planned.

I would marry the love of my life, Julia, and we would have a couple of children. But my parents died in an automobile accident. I stepped up to raise my younger sister and Julia left to find herself. She promised to return but the longer she was gone the more I lost hope.

She came back home just when I needed her the most. I’m afraid it won’t be forever and she will leave again.

Can she convince me she’s staying and it’s for life?

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